Heroes Hockey - XBG

Welcome to the Heroes Hockey Program: Supporting the Heart of the Game!


At the heart of every successful ice hockey community are the dedicated officials who make the games possible. We're thrilled to introduce the Heroes Hockey Program, a testament to our commitment to supporting the referees and Learn2Play ice hockey coaches who contribute tirelessly to the vibrant Newcastle Ice Hockey Community and beyond.


About the Heroes Hockey Program:

Heroes Hockey is exclusively designed for qualified referees and Learn2Play ice hockey coaches who share our passion for the game. This program isn't just about officiating games or coaching players; it's about building a stronger, more connected hockey community together.


Program Benefits:

- $50.00 Discount: Enjoy a $50.00 discount on your NIHL fees for the season.

- Work Off the Cost: Say goodbye to upfront payments! Heroes Hockey participants have the unique opportunity to work off the total cost of the season through their contributions.

- Community Focus: Embrace the camaraderie and excitement that comes with being a part of a larger community. Connect, collaborate, and learn from fellow officials and coaches who share your passion.


Stay Eligible:

To continue reaping the benefits of the Heroes Hockey Program, all participants are kindly requested to referee a minimum of 15 NIHL games throughout the season. This commitment ensures that we're actively contributing to the growth and development of the game we love.


How to Join:

Ready to become a hero for the ice hockey community? It's easy:

  1. When registering for the NIHL season, simply use the variation option 'heroes hockey program' at checkout.
  2. Enjoy your $50.00 discount and automatically become a part of the Heroes Hockey Program. You will have nothing to pay upfront!


Celebrating Our Heroes:

In the world of ice hockey, referees are more than just officials; they're the guardians of fair play, integrity, and sportsmanship. They ensure the game is played by the rules and create an environment where every player can shine. By supporting our referees and coaches, we're not just preserving the game – we're nurturing its growth. Together, we can create a community that thrives on respect, teamwork, and the sheer joy of the game.


Let's elevate the ice hockey experience for everyone involved. Join the Heroes Hockey Program today and stand shoulder to shoulder with those who make the game possible.